My new saddle

And I got a new saddle:



My New Iron Horse

So I bought a new bike:


Yellowstone National Park at Dusk

Bike Wine Rack

Wine Rack for a Bike

Bike Wine rack? Yes, Please!

Bike wine rack? Yes Please! This is such a great idea! and it even matches a Brooks Saddle. So cool.

Mountains at night

Branding for Small Business

A lot of people I talk to these days know quite a bit about branding, they just do not know it. Every day we are constantly responding to branding, Apple’s Logo on their laptops, Starbucks cups, Nike Logo on a pair of shoes, etc and etc. So we see these brands and interact with them so why do we not understand their purpose? We do not understand it because it has been done so well.

When a company creates “their” brand it is process very similar to you or I getting dressed in the morning. If I wear a suite people assume that I have something important to do or conversely if I wear a hat backwards that I am immature. Now companies do not wear clothes, they “wear” logos, fonts and colours; all these things put together make up who they are and how we perceive them.

So some of the most important work you can do, and it should one of the first things you do, is decide who you are trying to reach and create an ‘outfit’ that that market finds similar to their own. For example, I want to hang out with bikers, well I better start wearing leather jackets and maybe a pony tail would be a good move; once I have done this I am all set to fit in. Basically you want people to feel comfortable around your company.

Especially in today’s world of choices. Have you ever Googled ‘Salon Chicago’? You get over 62 million results! Now you could be the very first search result, but if your branding is off by a little bit consumers may move on to the number two or three search result looking for something that speaks to them and who they are a little bit better.

Now I hope you can see a little bit more into branding and why it is important. Now you have two choices. One, you can re-evaluate your position and branding (be honest with yourself) and second, you can ignore this. Know, that if you choose the later you may not be taking a significant part of your business seriously.

If you have any good examples of marketing, well known or not, please add them to the comments and we can strive to increase the quality of web content together.

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